Information for Clients

Information for Clients

Free support as you consider what to do next

You are ready to start considering what the future holds for you.

You’ve experienced violence in a relationship, and your life has been disrupted. Perhaps you had to leave your job, your career or your studies behind - and now you want to move on with your life, and you aren’t certain how to go about it.

We can help you make your own decisions about what to do next.

We offer a free confidential coaching service for women who have moved on from a violent relationship and who now want to take the next steps towards their financial independence and security.

We can help you to build confidence as you make important decisions for your future.

We are a group of self-employed or semi-retired women from Canberra who come from a range of backgrounds in business, the community and public sectors. All of us have strong network links, qualifications and experience and will operate under a Code of Ethics.

This means all conversations with you are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else without your permission.

Our approach

We know that each woman’s personal experiences and circumstances are different.

We recognise that some women may need help with their plans for resuming or beginning studies, re-entering the workplace, finding job opportunities; and some may just want to talk about what to do next.

Your personal coach can help you to • recognise your strengths and talents, • decide on priorities, • find options that are right for you, • set goals based on what matters most to you, and • identify what support or new skills might be needed to achieve those goals.

Next Steps

Contact us

If this service sounds like it might be right for you, talk to your service provider who will contact us and arrange for you to chat with one of us about how this coaching support could help you.

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