Information for Service Providers

Information for Service Providers

If you are a service provider who works with women who were living with domestic and/or family violence, but are no longer in that situation, we may be able to assist your clients with their plans.

This might be helping them simply build confidence, and/or planning for future employment, study or training.

We are a group of women offering free coaching services to women who have experienced domestic/family violence. We are available to provide our services to women who have reached a point where they are thinking about seeking employment or returning to work; remaining in their current employment and perhaps contemplating their future career options; or commencing or recommencing study or training.

For some, we might just start with helping them to build confidence to be able to make those decisions further down the track.

We know that many women for many different reasons, when they are dealing with the impacts of domestic and/or family violence, leave jobs or put their jobs, career or studies on hold. They might also lack confidence and feel unable to take the next steps in re-establishing themselves in the job market, or even to decide what they want to do next – whether it is work, study or training or building confidence to start considering those options.

Not having any plans about future income can lead to extra personal and financial stress and increased longer term economic disadvantage. We also know that for some women, the lack of financial security can be a reason they may decide to go back to a domestic/family violence relationship they have previously left.

A coach can assist women to work through what they would like to achieve and how they can take the next steps towards their goal. A coach can assist them to identify their own strengths and capabilities, work through issues and develop a plan that is right for them.

This could be about gaining and retaining work, seeking promotion and advancement, undertaking study appropriate for their employment goal, juggling work and the rest of their life and/or building confidence and self-esteem.

The client is always in the driver seat and the coach helps them work through where they want to go and develop a plan to get there, at a pace that works for them and they are comfortable with.

It is a confidential service and the client makes the decisions around who can have information about their circumstances.

This free service is provided by experienced professional women who are committed to helping other women take the next important steps in their lives towards a stronger future.

Our coaches are from a range of backgrounds in business and the community and public sectors. They bring strong networks, qualifications and experience to this role. It is important to note that they are not domestic violence or mental health experts and in no way replace the need for specialist services that are otherwise needed.

‘My Coaching, My Future’ - our approach

Our approach acknowledges each woman’s individual experience and circumstances and recognises that women leaving a violent situation can often face financial difficulty. Our aim is to help each woman take the next steps towards gaining future financial security by planning for a job or career path, education or work experience.

Through individual conversations with their coach each woman will decide on priorities, explore options, set goals based on their strengths and talents, and identify what supports might be needed to achieve those goals.

The target group for the service is women who were living with domestic and/or family violence, but are no longer living in that situation. Our focus will be on coaching women once they are living free of violence and abuse and have the energy and desire to engage around work and career issues free from dealing with immediate safety and accommodation issues.

The service will match women in the target group with women who can coach them to develop a pathway to paid work, improve their work arrangements if already employed or re-establish or change their job or career to better meet their needs. This might include for example working on building confidence in those who are already in employment to consider career paths, or to deal more effectively in their current workplace. It might include planning to get work experience or study for qualifications and how to organise home life to make this achievable.

Our service is not suitable for women currently in crisis or for women experiencing serious mental health concerns or substance addiction problems where specialist professional support beyond our skill base may be required.

The coaching is free of charge. We are piloting the service initially in the ACT through referrals from existing services which support women in the target group. We would like to partner with agencies who are able to refer women in the target group to us and with services with skills and resources they are willing to share.

Our coaches subscribe to a code of ethics based on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (June 2015) which ensures that any conversations we have as a coach are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else without the explicit permission of the person who is being coached, unless we have a reasonable belief that there is a risk to the client’s or another person’s safety.